Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Concept Board and Me

Lately, I have been jumping from one great design inspiration to another. Yes, this led to endlessly contemplating beige. I decided to create a 'mood' or 'concept' board to jumpstart my creativity. Plus, I'd gotten stuck on the 'fit the picture' syndrome, rather than being inspired by good design, I'd become trapped by it.

Pretty much, nothing was happening.

Although I had always used color boards after a floorplan was developed, I needed to take this to a new level, taking inspiration from various sources, not just the fabrics and catalogues on hand. An art print, a designer outfit, a fantastic shoe, a sea shell, all could be and should be inspiring.

The concept board needed to be permanent so that the objects could be changed for each project. I had a plan, what could be more simple than applying cork to a frame backing? I bought a frame and two packages of cork tiles. First, I removed the glass from the frame. I applied the cork to the backing using the included double stick 'tape' from the package. I put this back into the frame and struggled to get it fitted back into the frame. The cork was too thick. Flip down the frame. Cut the edges of the cork tile. Put them back in the frame. Stood up the frame and corks began to fall! Flip down the frame, get out hot glue gun. Put them back in the frame. Finally, success and playtime!
With this created, I could shop for items to redo my guest room.