Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Guest Room

Remember this? My very first blog post, was about this Concept or Mood Board. That month and the summer was full of Prom and College so I never got back to the results.

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The guest room had become a dumping ground for laundry, stuffed animals, and cast off furniture. The swing arms lamps are touch lamps, which don't work with a wall switch, hence the need for a regular style table lamp, the little bronze lamp on the table. Tables and their cloths, cast off from other rooms, found their way into the room. Pictures banished upstairs to give a home to Christmas decorations, never returned after Christmas and never recieved just treatment. In short, the room had become a dumping ground of last resort.

The original plan for the room was a major attempt at trying to out-Buatta-Buatta, or out-Faudree-Faudree, or however you want to say it, the plan was w-a-y over the top and not really my style or a reflection of what I want now. In fact, the plan never really progressed very far past being painted. I no longer wanted 5, 6, or 10 different fabrics. I no longer wanted a fussy, over-stuffed room. Now I am increasingly fond of high contrast, clean lined design. White furniture against a black or deep mahogany wall. Simple one color fabrics, preferably cotton or linen, paired with one accent fabric. No or fewer faux paint finishes. Simple, calm, relaxing.

When I first started to remake the room, I created a mood board. Prior to this, my Mood Boards or Color Boards were begun after many hours at the drawing board, creating the plan. This time, I wanted to work in a more conceptually free starting place. I found a photo of an Oscar de la Renta Marigold silk faile ballgown with an embroidered skirt. This became the center of the board. If you squint just right, you might be able to see it on the mood board picture.

Additional images followed, fashion mixed with interiors, most of which were cabinetry, not bedrooms.

The swing arms had to go, happily, my daughter wanted them in her room, where they 'fit' better. The white down comforter was fine, but, for warmer weather, it was replaced with a matelasse coverlet. I found "Blanc de Chine" style lamps at Target. I might have gone with gourd lamps, were I shopping today, but I like the height and the black, slightly flared, drum shades on these. I kept to a yellow and black and white scheme, using the image of the Marigold dress as a model to shop for accessories, most of which were from Target and TJ Maxx. The center pillow will be replaced with a matelasse sham, soon, though I like the pattern and the black and white, the pink is too much. The print, which I originally used in a Designer Showcase, many years ago, was moved to another wall and replaced with a photo gallery. Most of the frames were purchased at Michaels.