Friday, August 5, 2011

Color, Color Everywhere

Available from Shades of Light

I am so ecstatic that color is back in a big way!
The chairs, above, were noted by Jeffrey Alan Marks at the Las Vegas Furniture Market. Thanks to Stylebeat, we got to see the webinar.

In fact this chair, with it's lovely green reminiscent of Mary McDonald's Master Bedroom and Bath home tour, also from Shades of Light might need to find a way home with me.

I was thrilled to see that the beige on beige with accents of beige look, though not dead, is being punched up with pops of color. I wish I could find a picture of the Belgian Look Book Case with the Honeysuckle Pink interior! Visualize this bookcase punched up with a pink interior. This has me so enthusiastic, I am creating fabric designs in Pantone's Honeysuckle Pink for use in my grey living room, rethinking the plan for the family room and considering where else I can add a punch of colour.

Since repainting my creative space Revere Pewter, the plan has been to add an orange lamp. Consider these lamps, the Gourd Lamp, on the right, has been my go to dream choice for a while, but the lamp on the right would work as well.

I hope this has inspired you to color your world!