Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Blind Side

I just saw the movie The Blind Side, this week. You are going to want see this movie, too, at least twice. The movie stars Sandra Bullock, one of my favorite comedic actresses, in a dramatic roll, Tim McGraw, as her husband, Sean Tuohy, Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher, Jae Head as SJ Tuohy and Lily Collins as Collins Tuohy. The movie is the true story of how Leigh Anne Tuohy takes in a young man from the projects, a side of town about which she knew little, in fact, had rarely seen, certainly not up close and personal. Although their intent is to give Michael a place to stay for one night, very quickly he becomes a part of the family. This young man gives as much to his new found family as he receives. Michael and the force compelling him forward, Leigh Anne, are inspiring.

I feel just a bit guilty that the movie sets are also inspiring, constantly vying for my attention with the wonderful story! Although I was in awe of Leigh-Anne and Michael and the events surrounding Michael becoming a part of the Tuohy family, I couldn't help but drool over the Tuohy home.

Of course, one of the reasons that the sets are drool-worthy is that Leigh-Anne Tuohy is an interior designer. Set decorator Susan Benjamin has created a set in Southerm Traditional style using rich coppers and camels. The home sharply emphasizes the difference of the dual worlds which become part of Michael Oher's life during the movie. The draperies in the living room are fully pelmetted. The dining room chairs perfectly coordinate with the rich caramels of the damask tablecloth and the grasscloth on the walls in the dining room. The kitchen is done in beautiful creams and slates. ABC has an interview with the Tuohy's in which one can see that, although the colors are different, the beautiful Southern Traditional decor is on the mark.

This movie is truly a "real good feel good" movie. You will cry, laugh, fear, rage, and finally puff with pride at the experiences of this family as they become a family. Shoot, you might even become a Ravens fan!