Friday, October 12, 2012

A Beautiful Board


Yesterday, I got the brilliant notion that I needed to put together a board with my latest set of "go to" colors. As I fancy myself a creative, arty type of person, I wanted this board to be arty. Of course, included in the project, as with any design piece of this nature, is the need for function, form should follow function. It needed to be light weight and portable and have the right chips, at least right for me.

A Beautiful Mind

After gathering my supplies, I set to work. I did have to get some more loose paint chips, I am not about to start hacking up my fandecks, after all! About mid-afternoon, I found myself in a bit of a funk. If the images above haven't given you a clue, I began to feel as though I had sent myself down the useless design project rabbit hole. To salvage it, I peeled away the chips that were there because "somebody else" had recommended they be used. Whew, project saved.

The Board

It is functional, and in my eye, it is beautiful. Only time will tell how far down the rabbit hole I fell.