Thursday, October 30, 2014

What I am Pinning this Week - The Foyer

This week, after painting the family room, I am dreaming of redoing, perhaps finally finishing is more appropriate, the foyer. I wish I had a proper foyer, with room for a table and a small ottoman underneath. My dream has always been a grand foyer with a sweeping staircase. A beautiful set for wedding pictures and family portraits.


Someplace where the swagger of beautiful garland is evident.

I love the drama of this glossy painted foyer, though I think that I'd replace the flower arrangement with a mirror over the table. IMHO, the stunning paint treatment should do the talking, here.

Though a grand foyer with an equally grand staircase would be wonderful, I could even go for a just-big-enough space for some dramatic paint and a stunning table, a space to land before continuing into the house.

Chanel Alabaster lamps

I have a fondness for symmetrical balance, but I could go for this, too. The gallery and the arrangement are asymmetrical. The balance of black and white makes the look very all the more stunning. Notice how the photos are all in black and white, providing a subtle repetition of the black shade and table.

Photo Gallery

The two looks above are very high contrast. Stark black against white, or vice versa. With the subtlety of the paint colour in my living room, perhaps a more muted tone is in order.
This stunning foyer by Amanda Carol combines form and function in the storage baskets. This would be a great place for children's shoes, though they may end up overflowing the basket l-o-n-g before they are put away.

As for storage a place for the myriad of cookbooks would be welcome as well, tastefully wrapped in white paper, of course.

A chic wall finish, either paper or stenciling would be stunning. However, given the narrowness of my foyer, it must be limited to the wall in the upper hall. Notice the repetition of the gold in the paper, the furniture and accessories. The Cowtan & Tout wallpaper appears to be available only in green, now. I am drawn to geometric designs and stunning mirrors.

Of course, the builder-grade carpet and lowest end carpet cushion have to go. I want beautiful Maple or Cherry wood treads, with a cheetah or antelope runner. But a paint and faux bois treatment may have to due.

Cheetah Carpet Runner

 Valorie Hart, the Visual Vamp

These are usually wool, aka, pricey and our budget is small. Perhaps painting the steps, they've already got their share of builder white slopped on them from the building process, and creating a faux bois treatement would work.
Faux Bois Treatment?

Of course, all of these ideas can't be used at once. Decisions must be made, costs must be considered. Until then, I can dream.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Coffee Table Styling

Our coffee table bore no resemblance to these beautiful coffee tables.

It needed a serious makeover. 
At least a styling makeover. 
Some years ago, we added a basket to attempt to 
disguise the toddler damage.  
It began well enough,

  but, soon, the basket began to look sadder than the table
...and junkier.
Clearly, some changes were needed.

A little shopping 
A little restyling
...until things began to take shape

And done. 
We're just going to ignore the damage to the stain least until there is time to redo that. 

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mules vs Clogs

Dear Shoe Sellers:
These are mules

These are clogs
Get it right, you are making searches difficult.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Most Annoying Architectural Features #1

I have a few architectural pet peeves. One of those is a corner fireplace. In fact, when a designer says a house needs to have good bones, corner fireplaces are usually not on the list of things which constitute "good bones". Residential designers and architects rarely specify that a fireplace be in a corner. Builder designed houses are often the ones which have such installed in the house. To understand why a fireplace ends up being relegated to the corner you need to adhere to one of my overarching philosophies, follow the dollar. If the room is not sufficiently large to support a fireplace balanced by windows, the fireplace will likely be relegated to the corner, thus creating a design dilemma for years to come.

Corner fireplaces, angled or straight, create tension and a lack of balance. The focal point is shifted or at an angle. The furniture arrangement needs to complete the square of the fireplace by being on an angle. Usually the room is too small to accomplish this. If the room is small, as is the case in many Mid-century Ranch homes, then the furniture placement is, by necessity, awkward, if the fireplace can't be relocated to a more suitable spot. This is often cost prohibitive or structurally not feasible. This is the reason they are most often just ignored. Sarah Richardson did an admirable job of blending the fireplace into the background in season two of Sarah's House.Though, the more I look at it, the more I find the mirror distracting, pulling my eye back to the fireplace and away from the fabulous art which is the new focal point.

For most families, the family room serves as media room, creating yet another focal point distraction. If the room is small, a flat screen above the fireplace helps to resolve the dual focal points dilemma. Another way is to place the media center near the fireplace focal point. It can be as simple as a piece of furniture, per the floor plan or as elaborate as built-ins. Paint also can be used to unify the two walls with the awkward corner fireplace.



Creating two functional areas, makes the eye move around the room. A table and chairs near the window can be used for games or informal eating for two, as in this floorplan.

If you are cursed blessed with one of these, I hope these few suggestions have helped.

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Beautiful Board


Yesterday, I got the brilliant notion that I needed to put together a board with my latest set of "go to" colors. As I fancy myself a creative, arty type of person, I wanted this board to be arty. Of course, included in the project, as with any design piece of this nature, is the need for function, form should follow function. It needed to be light weight and portable and have the right chips, at least right for me.

A Beautiful Mind

After gathering my supplies, I set to work. I did have to get some more loose paint chips, I am not about to start hacking up my fandecks, after all! About mid-afternoon, I found myself in a bit of a funk. If the images above haven't given you a clue, I began to feel as though I had sent myself down the useless design project rabbit hole. To salvage it, I peeled away the chips that were there because "somebody else" had recommended they be used. Whew, project saved.

The Board

It is functional, and in my eye, it is beautiful. Only time will tell how far down the rabbit hole I fell.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Closet Reno

I know I promised that the very next post would be the closet reno, then, well time slipped away and other thoughts grabbed my attention. This reno was really, really simple. Made simple by not having had the amount of money necessary to buy the "optional" windows when we built the house, so there was space to expand the closet. My least favorite term, in house construction, "upgrade". My house is well built, but there were a lot of things that the builder didn't do to best advantage. The kitchen, for one, and the Master Bedroom closet for another.

The closet was laid out in an L shape, with a long wall of double rods, a worthless shelf area and a small section for long hanging. It had a rather poor 33 square feet. The shelf held one and one half pairs of shoes or three-quarters of a sweater per shelf. I tried hand bags, they fell off of either side.
To reconfigure the closet the only thing needed was to move a wall one foot and move the wall from the bedroom side to the adjoining wall, which made it face the hall. This gave us the ability to have three walls of hanging space rather than just one-ish. The other change, not evident from the plan, was to move the light fixture back so that the hanging space below was illuminated. Previously, it was closer to directly over the clothes, thus the clothes on the top rod had to be pushed out of the way in order to see the clothes on the bottom rod. Replacing the door would be nice.

Something antique or at least antique in appearance.

Then there is the door knob. Again, antique in appearance or antique.
At least the function is improved, which is the important piece!

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