Saturday, January 24, 2015

Peacock Blue

Andrew Suvalsky Designs Kips Bay 2014

We are in the middle of the grey trend. Trends have a life of about 10-12 years and we are at about 5 years in for this one. Grey is a fantastic neutral. It can be warm or cool depending upon the base tone of either green (warm) or blue (cool). This can make it maddeningly difficult to purchase grey accessories for the same room, especially via online shopping. Lamps which appear warm charcoal grey on the monitor arrive and are a cool blue grey in person!

One way to combat this is to use grey as a base for the room. Walls, ceilings, floors can be the anchor, accessorized with  color. Peacock, Turquoise and Navy are also trending right now. Kips Bay 2014 featured many rooms with Peacock.
Mendelson Group Kips Bay 2014 via Architectural Digest

Cullman and Kravis Kips Bay 2014 via Architectural Digest

ODADA Kips Bay 2014 via Architectural Digest

Markham Roberts Kips Bay 2014 via Architectural Digest
Grey or other neutrals with the accent of Peacock Blue is definitely a wow, but there is no need to stick strictly to a monochromatic scheme. As Peacock Blue is a blue with some green and little or no red, an analogous color scheme for Peacock leans toward the Turquoise and Green colors of the color wheel. The rooms below are very effective analogous schemes using Peacock, Turquoise and Green.

Brian Watford Interiors via Decorpad

Mabley Handler 

L. Moore Design via Decorpad

Saturday, January 10, 2015

What I am pinning: Shagreen

I have a thing for Shagreen.
I am particularly fond of the sea hued variety.

Shagreen is made from Stingray skin which is dried rather than tanned.

Most objects made today are faux Shagreen, leather or vinyl which has grains of various sizes pressed into it to form the pattern.

Even if it is as deeply intense as this near gray, I love it.

I love the pebble like texture and the various indentations.
Shagreen is the basis for the word chagrin.

Mes chagrins, mes plaisirs

Je n'ai plus besoin d'eux !

But, faux or real, I do need Shagreen!

Monday, January 5, 2015

This is B-I-G

Before & After Desk Re-Style

I have completed the desk re-style and re-vamp that I was planning last week.  But the biggest news is that the website is under construction! Mise en Scène Designs is getting very close to ready for prime time. Plans are to incorporate the blog within the website, I hope to get the technical details resolved, soon. This blog is staying put, no move, for the blog, is anticipated with the website construction, just a posting in two places.

I am loving how much having the surfaces cleaned and well laid out have improved the function.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Desk Styling

Southern Living
Small Space Organizing

I need a desk revamp

My office is a desk in a corner of my bedroom
The desk is great, but the desktop could use some style.

I grabbed a classic column lamp from another room and redeployed it to  my desk.

Now, I am craving something more expressive like this white leopard lamp. 

I purchased some faux shagreen desk accessories, all in white. Adding a stationery boxes would be delightful, but I rarely use stationery at my desk. An attractive mouse would be more appropriate.

It is too bad that mouses don't look  more like this. 
Rather than this...

A search for a green mouse brings up this beast straight from star wars. 

Not a mouse in the lovely color of these boxes.

So, I continue contemplating, trying to find the perfect melding of form and function.

Making minor tweaks and improvements until...

I find the perfect combination

Of inspiration and perspiration that makes

for a great workspace.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

What I am pinning: Final Christmas Touches

Martha Stewart Ombre Glittered Bells
via the website

My pins are no longer focused on time intensive crafts but are now centered on the small goods and simple items for table tops.

Antique Mercury glass ornaments as place cards

Lonni Paul from Traditional Home

Christmas Tree 2014

All the trees are up, but still, I'm scrambling into home plate for Christmas! 

I doubt I can even spare the time to make a Wreath Witherspoon not to mention AWreatha Franklin.
AWREATHa Franklin from Twitter

FrontGate via Traditional Home

I like the idea of putting small presents about the house, not just confined to under the tree. The focus of attention is on all the small details to be completed. For example, tags still need to be created
Last year I created chalkboard gift tags in Photoshop. 
Tags by In My Own Style

This year I am thinking of something more retro.

How are you doing? Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Algerian Red

Charles Faudree, Algerian Red, library
Library, Charles Faudree pinned from
Home and Lifestyle Design Blog

Two popular searches which bring viewers to my blog are "Charles Faudree favorite colors" and "Algerian Red paint number." I don't have an exhaustive list of his favorite paint colors. All of these paints are by Pratt and Lambert. I remember the stir in the design community caused when the company was bought by Sherwin Williams. One major paint store in Tulsa stopped carrying the brand! I spec'ed the paint and used it after the take over, but stopped using Pratt and Lambert not long after I moved to this area. The nearest retailer stopped carrying Pratt and Lambert paint and those who do are quite a distance from me. Though Pratt and Lambert has changed their paint line names and numbers, paint stores which carry the line usually have the old formulas and can mix the paint.

First on the list is Algerian Red, 1897. This was the wow color which grabbed everyone's attention. 
Charles Faudree, Algerian Red
Charles Faudree, Algerian Red

Algerian Red is a deep, rich, blue red with little white and is very similar to the red found in the drummer boy military jackets he collected. As it has so little white, it is necessary to prime before painting. The color is similar to Ralph Lauren's hunting coat red. This color pairs well with black doors,blue and white china and crisp white trim. 
Benjamin Moore Ivory White, 925 via Homebunch
Benjamin Moore Ivory White, 925 via Homebunch 

Benjamin Moore 925 is an excellent pairing...
Benjamin Moore White Dove, OC-17
Benjamin Moore White Dove, OC-17

As is OC-17, white dove.

Ralph Lauren, Hunting Coat Red, The Thoroughbred Collection
Ralph Lauren, Hunting Coat Red

Ralph Lauren, Hunting Coat Red, The Thoroughbred Collection
Ralph Lauren, Hunting Coat Red
the Thoroughbred Collection

How different is the Pantone color of the year Marsala from Algerian Red? Well, Marsala is a color which is one we would say is muddier, and a bit paler, as you can see below.

Marsala, left, Algerian Red, right
Marsala                                 Algerian
Which color would you prefer?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

What I am Pinning: Christmas Inspirations

When it comes to Christmas trees, several styles capture my imagination. I love a traditional Christmas tree with old fashioned ornaments. A tinsely mid-century look with vintage or reproduction Shiny-Brite ornaments is another favorite. These American made ornaments were very popular in the 1940's and 1950's, and even into the 1960's.

Themed Christmas trees, ranging from sophisticated one color trees
Gregory Allen Cramer
NYC Holiday House
via Traditional Home
Nouveau Classics

via BuzzFeed

to the avant-garde 

to woodland wonders are all fascinating.

These wonderfully creative ideas above, are inspiring me to make some other tree plans. It's a cone, after all, and there are many ways to create a cone.