Friday, June 5, 2009

My Favorite Paint color

320 Sycamore is throwing a paint party. My daughters claim that I spend my time "contemplating beige". I beg to differ, sometimes I contemplate Hunting Coat Red, Algerian Red, Library Mahogany, Lamswool, Ceylon Ivory, woops! That one is beige. I have a added a few pics, life is complicated these days and taking pictures and then writing about them is really difficult. So this posting is a tad bit late and will be brief!

First, just to get the beige out of the way, is Ceylon Ivory. I started using this color after Charles Faudree used it in a one of his houses. Bless his heart, he is very forthcoming about his color choices. This picture shows much lighter than it actually is, a very rich buttery ivory color.

I used it here as a base for a yellow color wash. This color brightens the cherry cabinets in the kitchen and pairs perfectly with the pink on yellow toile panels I made for the door to the deck.

Back in the family room, as an accent wall with the fireplace, next to the Ceylon Ivory, is Fennel, another Pratt and Lambert Choice. This one is all mine. That is, I didn't rely on someone else's color sense to choose it. You see, I can visualize in three dimensions very well, but as for color, well I am hesitant. I don't know why, I loved the Benjamin Moore ET-69 I painted in our first house. Somewhere along the way I caught some fear. For this wall, I wanted something other than the Benjamin Moore Red I had used previously, I think it was 1428. Although the red is a great color, I was growing tired of red and already had it in two places in my house. So, Fennel it is. Yup, I know, complimentary of red. In fact, it sparkles at Christmas, being just the right green note with red candles.

Then there is Ashwood, a very light grey which brightens the living room. It lends just the right amount of neutrality to the space and place nicely off the blue and white ware in the room.

Lastly, at least for now, is the Van Deusen Blue. I have paired this with orange micro fiber suede seat covers on the Chippendale chairs.