Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Mantle, Again

Fall is definitely upon us, the week of winter we've recently experienced in the Mid-Atlantic not withstanding. Every week there are changes to the leaves, outside and in. My mantle, notice I spelled it correctly this time, has been getting some intense attention to the detriment of the rest of the house hold Fall Cleaning. At least the mantle has been dusted!
This time, Mr. Mise en scène was responsible for the nest phase in the decor. That, and the squash molded, sigh! Real is wonderful, but one has to watch out for the mold. Mr. Mise en scène, wanting to put out our plush pumpkins, went in search of them finding them with the fall picks that I had been trying to avoid. I have been trying to stick to three rules: Simple. Simple. Simple. We did need something to take the place of the squash. So, out came the picks and up on the mantle they went.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mantel for Fall

It's fall and the mantel needs an update. Not only had the candles been there since Christmas, but a lot of extra things migrated there, especially when the new floor was installed. The Christmas candles needed to be stored, the breakables needed a new safe place, the arrangement needed simplification. In short, I needed a new look! Double time! I bought three buttercup squashes, gourds hadn't yet arrived at the market. White pumpkins were nowhere to be found. The squash has wonderful texture and great color, but they were not large enough to be the only mantelpiece. Looking around the room, I found the "remote" box, that created a perfect centerpiece for the mantel. Two brass candlesticks anchored the left side. Removing one section of one of the candlesticks created an asymmetrical balance.

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