Sunday, September 26, 2010


Chrome is the new oil rubbed bronze. For bathrooms, if you are planning a new bathroom rehab, plan it using chrome - and Victorian Chic. This doesn't mean that you should start ripping out the oil rubbed bronze yet, do go ahead and finish that bathroom that is part ORB and part brass all oil rubbed bronze. Oil rubbed bronze is a classic, as is antique nickel. Frankly, polished brass is also a classic, it fits the Georgian style, though it is on the wane now, it may come back around as soon as we are grow tired of the everything-painted-white-shabby-chic and it's variants.

Cursed with builder grade faucets? No, plastic handles never looked like the crystal it ws attempting to emulate. Upgrade them to a curvacious Fin-de-Siecle look for very little money.

Frankly, there was a time when we wouldn't have dreamed of planning an all white kitchen, or bathroom, it was simply too Post-WWII. Also, the WWII generation tossed ball an claw tubs out of their houses with a vengenace, too uncomfortable, not modern. Now all white with a ball and claw tub is the epitome of elegance again. take a look at these beauties from Overstock.

This is a basic color board for a master bath, based on a Fin-de-siecle look.