Saturday, January 31, 2015

Is Orange the New Pink?

Decorating with Pink / Living Room / Country Living

I heard a rumor somewhere in one of the kajillion design magazines that pour into my home seemingly daily, that pink is out and orange is the new pink. Or did I hear that in a Broadway
show? Now I am not a huge fan of pink,nor am I opposed to orange, but I rather, I can see the beauty of both.

Sarah Richardson, Sarah's House 4
Sarah Richardson, Sarah's House Season 2
Sarah Richardson via Decorpad
Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe created masterful pink and mauve, pink's sibling, rooms on Sarah's House.
via Eye for Design

 Both colors play supporting roles very well.
Patrick Cline/Lonny
MMR Interiors, via decorpad
They even 'play together well!'
Grant K. Gibson, Girls Bathroom via decorpad
Pink and it's sibling Purple, are colors often requested by little girls for their rooms and bathrooms.
Pink Damask, 890, Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Pink Damask is in the blush section in its 2015 Color Palette.
In short, I am not ready to dump pink, but orange has definitely caught my eye.
What's your opinion? Is orange the new pink?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Peacock Blue

Andrew Suvalsky Designs Kips Bay 2014

We are in the middle of the grey trend. Trends have a life of about 10-12 years and we are at about 5 years in for this one. Grey is a fantastic neutral. It can be warm or cool depending upon the base tone of either green (warm) or blue (cool). This can make it maddeningly difficult to purchase grey accessories for the same room, especially via online shopping. Lamps which appear warm charcoal grey on the monitor arrive and are a cool blue grey in person!

One way to combat this is to use grey as a base for the room. Walls, ceilings, floors can be the anchor, accessorized with  color. Peacock, Turquoise and Navy are also trending right now. Kips Bay 2014 featured many rooms with Peacock.
Mendelson Group Kips Bay 2014 via Architectural Digest

Cullman and Kravis Kips Bay 2014 via Architectural Digest

ODADA Kips Bay 2014 via Architectural Digest

Markham Roberts Kips Bay 2014 via Architectural Digest
Grey or other neutrals with the accent of Peacock Blue is definitely a wow, but there is no need to stick strictly to a monochromatic scheme. As Peacock Blue is a blue with some green and little or no red, an analogous color scheme for Peacock leans toward the Turquoise and Green colors of the color wheel. The rooms below are very effective analogous schemes using Peacock, Turquoise and Green.

Brian Watford Interiors via Decorpad

Mabley Handler 

L. Moore Design via Decorpad

Saturday, January 10, 2015

What I am pinning: Shagreen

I have a thing for Shagreen.
I am particularly fond of the sea hued variety.

Shagreen is made from Stingray skin which is dried rather than tanned.

Most objects made today are faux Shagreen, leather or vinyl which has grains of various sizes pressed into it to form the pattern.

Even if it is as deeply intense as this near gray, I love it.

I love the pebble like texture and the various indentations.
Shagreen is the basis for the word chagrin.

Mes chagrins, mes plaisirs

Je n'ai plus besoin d'eux !

But, faux or real, I do need Shagreen!

Monday, January 5, 2015

This is B-I-G

Before & After Desk Re-Style

I have completed the desk re-style and re-vamp that I was planning last week.  But the biggest news is that the website is under construction! Mise en Scène Designs is getting very close to ready for prime time. Plans are to incorporate the blog within the website, I hope to get the technical details resolved, soon. This blog is staying put, no move, for the blog, is anticipated with the website construction, just a posting in two places.

I am loving how much having the surfaces cleaned and well laid out have improved the function.

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