Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ready Mixed Whites: Linen White

10 Relaxing Bedrooms, Huffington Post, Designer: Laura Burkhardt 
Another classic color on the ready mix fan deck strip is Linen White.
Miles Redd, Veranda
Photography by Melanie Acevedo
While Decorators white tends to green, Linen white is a pale tint of yellow, yet not as dark as Navajo White or Ceylon Ivory by Pratt and Lambert.

It is light yet still warm. Not only is it on the Ready Mix paint strip, it is also 912 on the Classic Colors fandeck.

The best thing about Linen White may be when it is mixed with Decorators White!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ready Mixed Whites: Decorators White

Deocorator's White via Homebunch
Confused about white? Try some of the ready mixed Benjamin Moore whites. 

Benjamin Moore has quite a few shades of Ready Mixed Whites, Decorators White being a very popular part of this collection.

Decorators White via Decorpad

Because they sell a lot of them.
Cardea Building Co via Pinterest

Because we want them.
Darryl Carter, Huntington White
via  One King's Lane: Finding the Perfect White

Jeff Andrews Dash
Designers spec them.
Custom Classic Kitchen Cabinets, Toronto

On cabinets.
Marie Burgos Design, via Decorpad
Photography by Francis Augustine

On walls.
Benjamin Moore Decorators white is cooler than Linen White and slightly bluer /cooler than White Dove. 

It is more subdued than Atrium White, which can be very, very stark (and a little pinkish).

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Design Classics: Porcelain Garden Seats

I love love love Porcelain Garden Seats!
Via TartanScot Scott Meacham Wood

Mary McDonald  guest house, photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Domino, via Apartment Therapy

There are so many different styles, there's one for nearly every style of room.
Joni Webb, Cote de Texas

 J. Randall Powers via  Cote de Texas

Suitable for indoors as well as out in the actual garden!

Julio Muao Beaux Mondes Designs

The blue and white plays well in combination with the striped awning and the taupe stucco. Love those awnings!

Garden stools are a stunning and practical addition to every space! 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tomorrow is the last day!

Though it involves a lot of work, move out is always a "designer party." We collaborate, commiserate and celebrate a job well done! Designers are a fantastic group of people and I am always in awe of their creativity. The camaraderie and conviviality is truly inspiring. That being said, I'm looking to tomorrow's move out and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Living Room

The living room is done! This was a very quick turn around for a "show house."  Typically, when I participated in the Tulsa Designer Showcase, or the Parade of Homes we toured or had the floorplans for the home several months before the Showcase was to open. We had many weeks to work on the home. In this case, we only had a few short weeks to select a room, make a plan and pull it all together. 

The finishing touches are complete and the home is ready to tour. The color scheme I chose is a classic blue & white with personalized touches for the DC area.

As a reminder...

Here is a before picture, the room has beautiful features, but it was a cavernous space! 

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