Sunday, July 20, 2008

And then there were three

I know, Clive said it, but I was thinking it. All night long, I'd be thinking it, they'd be saying it.

Jennifer took on her sister's living room. When I saw what Jennifer was planning for the walls, it was 'like deja vu all over again'. Hmm, organic vining leaves painted on the walls haven't we seen this? Then Vern cautioned, she has to be careful to avoid being labeled a one trick pony. The graphic was really great looking.
Matt did his parents basement craft room and convert it to a combination craft room and game room. The craft tables are awesome, the roll away wall, everywhere form followed function. The black leather chairs were incredible. Martha McCulley, awesome necklace by the way, didn't care for them.They were designed to be easy to clean and comfortable. Had the chairs made a bigger graphic statement there would have been no negative comments. Those were big, bold graphic chairs, they needed to be the big bold graphic statement. I think the traditional sofa and the curtains damped down the statement they were crying to make. I think he was trying to balance his mother's definite wishes against his vision of the room. Why didn't anyone notice that to play those games, one has to stand, ack!
Trish had the most traditional room. She had the most traditional space and clients. Formulaic? Well, traditional follows a formula. The two chairs and a tall thing is part of the style. The fireplace was truly transformed and lifted the height of ceiling. She needed to remember to add that one discordant note. A bold contemporary piece of art would have done a lot to lift the traditional to esoteric.
Alas, someone had to go home, and the judges seemed clearly torn.

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