Sunday, March 8, 2009

OCD design on steroids

Maison 21 has a new OCD design challenge, combining industrial and antiques. Well, OCD is right up my alley! Did you know I had cat hoarders in my family? I myself have only had as many as six and that was a kitten incident, though that might be how cat hoarding gets its start!

His challenge is to design a loft space, but with few rules. Okay, I don't have a client with a loft, neither do I have a loft. But I do have a living room needing some change and a desire to do something completely different.

So with those parameters in mind, I give you the new living room, even if it is only virtual.

First, I plan to change the flooring from white carpet to cherry wood. The white carpet is beautiful, but gets bombed by cat barf altogether too often! Although I adore the deep color of the Walnut on the right, I am concerned about it being too dark in a small space. However, it is very Hollywood 'Regency-esque', so I might decide to head that direction, after all. The walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Ashwood and the trim is either Alpine or Atelier White to coordinate with the Dover White Wood Blinds.

I adore antiques, but, budget limitations permit a new rather than antique Chesterfield. This one, from Ballard design, is well priced and, at 74 inches, should just fit in the space, 142"-74" leaves enough space for two tables. I plan to live dangerously and upholster it in white again. This time, I'll use sticky paws to keep it from becoming a cat scratching post. And to keep my black and white cat, Patches,

and my black cat, Niko,

from covering it with a more cat inspired upholstery.

I plan to drag the old Sears pressed paper trunk in from the Garage, paint it black, then silver leaf it to give the impression of this antiques stainless trunk.

As a nod to Maison 21's beige, I contemplate beige, daily, I am adding antique leather luggage stacked to make a table and top it with an acrylic lamp from Target.

From the Cologne Design Festival 2009, comes the Chandelier, which goes at the opposite side of the Chesterifeld sofa, over this lamp, though I may decide to switch the lamps once in the space. The table is from Homelements. The Chairs, are a take on a classic antique.

Finally, the image on the wall is from the Cologne Design Festival, 2009. I'd like something of this sort as an oversized art on the wall behind the sofa. I may get this photo I took a long, long time ago, blown up very large. Or, even better, I can reward my frugality with a piece of art from ugallery. See the Lana Williams piece, below.

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