Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Basement Metamorphosis, Continued

Now that two walls and the "screen" are painted, it is time to move around to the remaining two walls. We began by painting with Benjamin Moore's Light Khaki. But there is a problem here, it is way too green for our tastes. At least we have visualized something more mocha / hot chocolate / cafe au lait than this. Although not as clear in these pictures, it was really more greenish, tending toward olive, than these pictures show.

We dragged out the fan decks, squinted a bit, then noticed a wallpaper sample that I had never used, leaning up against the Library Mahogany and a light went on. Let's head up to Homey D and just color match this in Ralph Lauren! Which is exactly what we did! The results are better than the pictures show, lending a richness to the space without being overly dark.



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PAT said...

Very nice metamorphosis.

Frugal Fine Living said...



Sarah said...

Amazing what some paint can do for a space!

Kammy said...

Great job ! Looks like a ton of work, but it paid off !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Blondie's Journal said...

Great idea to use the wallpaper piece to match the paint. I too, picked out a beige and it turned out a little green and I don't like it. Unfortunately, a painter did all the work and it included climbing all the way up a pitched celing to paint. Just not frugal to have him do over...wahhhh

Happy Met Monday!!