Monday, August 10, 2009

Floor Metamorphosis

The floors are DONE!
Although Princess Pussycat is not certain that she is happy with the floors or perhaps she is thinking we need to deal with those floor registers! We are thrilled and yes, Miss Kitty, we have replaced the floor registers with a more apporpriate wood!
The floors are maple. We considered Brazilian Cherry, but with as much dark oak, cherry and mahogany, we opted for cinnamon stained maple. If you are a cherry freak, like me, you know that cherry will darken with age or exposure to sunlight.

The dining room drapes needed to go. They had faded and fit into a different design scheme and color plan than the color currently in the dining room, as can be seen in this "before" picture. I had been rolling window treatment options around in my head for over two years since the room was painted, but, with the prospects of the two hottest days of the year coming looming before us, even after two exhausting days of floor replacement and China schlepping, we needed window coverings, pronto! Luckily, I had some blue and cream ship toile fabric. Perfect for panels to cover while the cherry stained bass wood blinds were being made; they would make a perfect accent panel once the blinds were installed. So, one more time, we emptied the buffet a deux corps so that it could be safely moved away from the windows. And, after Mr. Mise en scène installed the drapery rods. And, after the six or seven holes drilled trying to find the one spot that didn't have a stud were repaired. Up went the panels.

And now, the before and after:

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Cass @ That Old House said...

Now that's a beautiful transformation. The wood floors are glorious -- love them, and SO much nicer than the pale carpet. Easier to maintain, too! Love the toile draperies -- it's looking gorgeous. Even Kitty should agree!

Morning T said...

What a beautiful transformation- your floors are so pretty! Great job.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a beautiful transformation. I love your flooring. Sure hope kitty gets used to them. Your color scheme is so rich and beautiful. Great transformation.
hugs ~lynne~

ImagineCozy said...

Changing the floors to wood made a huge difference! It warmed up the space and it feels so much more welcoming.

Nice job.