Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Law School Apartment Mood Board

The pictures aren't ready yet. Shoot, not even all the stuff is in the apartment. But, rather than wait until winter break, I have a couple of mood boards to share. The second of which is closer to reality, with some of the Ikea furniture used. There are still a few fantasy pieces in it, the Layla and Grace nightstand, for example, this is an apartment on a budget, after all and a $680 nightstand isn't really in my budget, either!
You will notice that my daughter's style is not as beachy as the Ektorp white furniture. Nor as Belgian as their new grey-brown finish. She is more modern and opted instead for the black Hemnes finish. I thought that dual Hemnes dressers either side of the dresser would be perfect and eliminate the nightstand. She did the math and opted for the less expensive combination of nightstand plus 6 drawer chest.

We plan a few Ikea hacks, but they are minor touches, just changing out hardware. Possibly painting the nightstand yellow. Shhh! The student, my daughter, doesn't know I am anticipating that. I still have dreams of finding something at goodwill or consignment which can be used. Why am I the only person unable to score the $10 table? **Le sigh**
Below are a couple of the plans I drew in my moleskine gridded paper notebook. I love that notebook! Yes, professor, I have a few dimensionless walls!

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