Thursday, April 19, 2012


When we first moved to this house, I wanted to Espalier the west side of the house in Pear trees. My favorite is the Palmette shape. A close second is the Belgian Fence design.

This has not happened.

Mainly, this is because the person who needs to help with that process is just not as enthusiastic. Mr.Mise en scène does not share the same genetic code which stirs one to dig in the dirt. Not to mention he appears to have an aversion to actually using the levels we have purchased.

To espalier a tree, you need to begin with a "one year whip". A one year whip is flexible and can be trained onto the ligature. Of course, before the training can begin, the ligature has to be constructed.

This requires digging. Lots of digging. Not only do you need the garden bed, but also, as we do not have the type of siding on our house to which things can be anchored, we may need posts to hold the wire have to be raised. For those you need to dig.

But I can dream.

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