Saturday, January 31, 2015

Is Orange the New Pink?

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I heard a rumor somewhere in one of the kajillion design magazines that pour into my home seemingly daily, that pink is out and orange is the new pink. Or did I hear that in a Broadway
show? Now I am not a huge fan of pink,nor am I opposed to orange, but I rather, I can see the beauty of both.

Sarah Richardson, Sarah's House 4
Sarah Richardson, Sarah's House Season 2
Sarah Richardson via Decorpad
Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe created masterful pink and mauve, pink's sibling, rooms on Sarah's House.
via Eye for Design

 Both colors play supporting roles very well.
Patrick Cline/Lonny
MMR Interiors, via decorpad
They even 'play together well!'
Grant K. Gibson, Girls Bathroom via decorpad
Pink and it's sibling Purple, are colors often requested by little girls for their rooms and bathrooms.
Pink Damask, 890, Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Pink Damask is in the blush section in its 2015 Color Palette.
In short, I am not ready to dump pink, but orange has definitely caught my eye.
What's your opinion? Is orange the new pink?

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