Monday, September 22, 2008

Art Deco Office

The basement office has been a collection of mismatched move downs, not hand me downs, as most of the furniture started out "new". So, though they are not hand me downs, no plan was created or used. Okay, 15 plans were considered and nothing could be agreed upon by all. I wanted country french, my husband wanted something more masculine - go figure! I wanted mid-century modern, at least for at least 10 minutes, the rest of the family wanted art deco. We kept on like this, pondering neoclassical, art deco, modern, around and around with no decision. We have a plan and it is deco. The desk is from, the lamp in the foreground is from Target. The computer table will get a laminated wood and metal treatment. An accent wall will be painted Iris with Khaki on two other walls.

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