Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Updating the WC for Thanksgiving

I am updating the WC for Thanksgiving, the Wedding China, what did you think I meant? We have a really nice China. It's called Turquoise Florentine and it is truly lovely. But can be a little boring. Or maybe I'm just in need of a change, occasionally, say every 20 minutes. So here is the china:

There are a lot of available options for updating the china. I could choose to play off the color, say by adding salad plates with complementary or analogous colors. These from Mottahedeh, available from, would satisfy a complementary scheme. But, at $175 for a single plate, Ouch! not happening.
I could use one of the colors in the center floral pattern as chargers. I have in the past added red chargers behind the china. It does create a stunning look. But this year I wanted something more comforting, something that was truly Thanksgiving. Not only that, the Carp plates are out of my budget.

So, I headed off to TJ Maxx, determined to keep this change of pace under $50, $75 max. I found salad plates made by Johnson Brothers China.
The pattern is His Majesty. Within this pattern, there are the neutral browns as well as the red that is in the center flower pattern in the Wedding China. I also found placemats with a large fall leaf pattern stitched onto the bottom right corner. All of this was under fifty-five dollars. Napkins were found at Bed Bath and Beyond lurking back in the sale aisle, $5 for four napkins, bringing the cost up another $10 to sixty-five. I would have made it under seventy five, but then I found the Monkey napkin rings and I knew they had to have a home on my table. Add the Monkey napkin rings from the previous post and I'm sliding in at around eighty-five dollars.
Still, less than half the price of one carp plate.

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Cote de Texas said...

it looks so pretty with the salad plate on it! that's such a great idea, I might copy it. maybe with a pink plate or something like that!! thanks!
have a wonderful new years.