Thursday, November 6, 2008

Top Design

If Top Design is still trapped in your DVR, I won't spoil it by disclosing the winner, but, if you want to be surprised their rooms, stopped reading now!

Who would you hire? I know whom I would hire. And, whom I wouldn't.

Overall her town house was very scattered, First we are in an art museum, then a disco lounge, then a must be quiet library with a study table, then the circus came to town, first this look and then the other. However, despite the bounce from one color scheme to another, the upstairs had personal livable rooms.

Favorite Things:Mirrored Headboard!!! I am sweatin’ that! Made with mirrors laid on blocks of wood at different angles, it was stunning. Loved the damask wallpaper, maybe the paint color worked better live than on camera.
In the Family Room, I Loved the Fuchsia sofa but, sorry three dimensional wall sculpture is too granny for me.
Ahh, the Study, I adore the Route- 66 motel picture which is perfect! Hmm, I think that my own double exposure Burger Chef neon sign Photo, will finish out my black and white bedroom perfectly. But what is up with that window treatment.
She really overstretched her carpenter for the time and could have done an effective built in bed with stock cabinetry or not at all.
I like the upholstery fabric in the living room, the one she thought was too drab. The walls were too drab, not the upholstery. A midtone neutral is perfect, maybe she should have rethought the “black and white” theme. She didn’t stick to it everywhere so why here? Plus, that T’ang horse was so overused in the eighties, if I see it one more time, I’ll scream. Made me wonder why she forgot that vase of Calla Lilies oh, and The View.

Overall, his look was very drab nearly funeral parlor drab.
Favorite Things:
Blue Grass cloth Cut in diamonds, what can I say-but very cool.
Color inside the lamp shade very interesting.
Study was very well executed with yellow played well against the grey.

Wow talk about Granny wallpaper, the foil up the stairs smacks of 1978.
Favorite things: Painting that he created with dripped paint I had a friend in school who wanted to do something very much like that, Bet she wishes she had now.
The paper plate on chicken wire, copyright it? Um, yeah no, but I’m sure he will.
The study with the shelves was very well executed and worked well together.
Wall of pictures, sorry I thought that looked like a great idea for how to deal with the ancestor pictures, not the wall of ex-boyfriends, but I really liked it. Really, Nathan, you've dated men that old?

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