Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Luxuries in Light: James Beebe Hawes

Decorati Access is a beautiful site where you can be inspired, shop and get design advice. Today, McLean, Virginia based James Beebe Hawes is featured. A few of my favorite photos from Decorati and his site are here. More of his beautiful portfolio can be found on his site and on Decorati, Luxuries in Light: James Beebe Hawes

I adore the artwork, above, reminiscent of a window, over the fireplace.

This is one of my favorite uses of symmetry, I jokingly called it "two chairs and a tall thing" after I realized how many were in my favorites file.

The light pours into these serenely beautiful rooms.

The Chandelier and fireplace lift the eyes up, while

the neutral colors and low furniture reinforce a calming effect on this deck.
Which is making me rethink that deck stain, just kidding.

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