Monday, March 19, 2012


Back when I had a design business, I had wonderful samples books which were easy to organize.

Now, I have a lot of small fabric samples which I have picked up over the years since we moved to this state and our current house, so I decided to sort them. That is not quite accurate. This started out as an adventure, I was looking for a specific fabric in order to check it against a large paint sample. Along the way, I found myself sorting the fabrics, muted-reds, yellows, golds, greens, blue-greens, etc., etc., laying them out in a color wheel, in a similar fashion to the wheel above. You can see the greys radiating out from the black in the center with the undertones as closely approximated as possible to red, violet, yellow and green undertoned grays.

Red placed at the top,

muted reds below that,

green directly across from red, yellow green to the left of green,

blue to the right of green, with blue green in between,

yellow to the left of green,

orange across from blue and between red and yellow,

violet between red and blue,

blacks in the middle,

gold tans between black and yellow.

Before I knew it, I had a fairly complete, and rather crowded, color wheel.

Also, I found the fabric which I wanted!

Lastly, to keep this organization intact, I labeled Ziploc bags with the color tones of each set of samples and placed them in the bags. Then I popped the bags into a basket. Much Better!

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