Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fabulous Fish

This isn't really about fish, it is really about Nancy Lancaster's fabulous yellow drawing room done by John Fowler. Atop the bookcases are a pair of Ginger Jars, which are the perfect touch to bring the Yellow out of the realm of potentially cloying.

My master bedroom is Benjamin Moore Weston Flax, a similar, but more subdued yellow. The color is richer than appears in the photos. Other colors in the room are raspberries, peaches, greens, blue-greens. Yellow is a strong color. It truly demands a determined approach. If one backs down or shies away, yellow will just scream and pout and look over the top or pathetically insipid.

I have a fantastic upholsterer who created the pillow above, which was one of the early changes. It used to be an inexpensive retail purchase standin, below, until I could find what I wanted for the bed.

There are more major changes which need to happen, the carpet needs to go, for one. I have been contemplating ways to update the room without a major overhaul. I still adore the green lamp, but its companion, which is not shown, is less exciting. The ginger jars atop the bookcases in the Nancy Lancaster drawing room have inspired a search for red orange ginger jars.

On ebay, I found this inspiring pair. At over $1300, ouch!, they are completely 'oh-oh-bee', that is, out of budget. Still, they are inspiring, and, along with the ginger jars above, serving as the basis for what needs to happen in the room.

Next, the closet metamorphosis!

Be sure to head back to Susan's for more metamorphosis Monday!


Judy Bigg said...

Beautiful pillows. Thanks for sharing.You may want to remove the word verification, you will get more posts. To remove, to to your Dashboard, then click Settings, then Posts, and go down to Word Verification and click No.

inner_child said...

Interesting, word verification may be a default that blogger applied. Made the change now, thanks for pointing that out!

Anonymous said...

Those pillows are gorgeous and it's so interesting what comes along and you take inspiration from - your bedroom is lovely!

Designing Domesticity said...

I Love your suzani fabric as well! Thanks for sharing, liz