Saturday, December 27, 2014

Desk Styling

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I need a desk revamp

My office is a desk in a corner of my bedroom
The desk is great, but the desktop could use some style.

I grabbed a classic column lamp from another room and redeployed it to  my desk.

Now, I am craving something more expressive like this white leopard lamp. 

I purchased some faux shagreen desk accessories, all in white. Adding a stationery boxes would be delightful, but I rarely use stationery at my desk. An attractive mouse would be more appropriate.

It is too bad that mouses don't look  more like this. 
Rather than this...

A search for a green mouse brings up this beast straight from star wars. 

Not a mouse in the lovely color of these boxes.

So, I continue contemplating, trying to find the perfect melding of form and function.

Making minor tweaks and improvements until...

I find the perfect combination

Of inspiration and perspiration that makes

for a great workspace.

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