Saturday, September 26, 2015

Here we go again!

Well now, this was awesome. 
As I was writing my post today, Pepco lost power again. Big Surprise, not.Turns out there was a brush fire near a substation. Big Surprise, not! 
Though the fire didn't reach the proportions of 2011, it certainly caused concern. The power blip took down the internet, meaning much of the necessary research for today's post had to be delayed. I really miss my linksys modem which stayed up when these things happened!
Smoke from Pepco fire in 2011
Not to mention the fear of needing to bug out in case the situation warranted. 

**Le Sigh**

No damage, no panicked bug out, not even smokey skies, just two ladder trucks and a helicopter patrolling the park. 
No smoke in the skies, but Thundercloud Gray is coming!
Tomorrow is another day! 
Benjamin Moore Thundercloud Gray 2124-40

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