Sunday, November 23, 2014


I have quite a few pins which are very popular. They pop up so often that I have to say, I begin to wonder what makes them so popular? 

Sure, Katherine Ireland's door is a serene shade. But is it any less lovely than Miles Redd's stunning front entry?

Some pins command attention...

While others have a sophisticated and effortless beauty or a quieter sense of drama

Then there are pins which, when they are repinned, make me smile. They may have been repinned only a few times but they have a certain elegance and sophistication about them. 

Then there are the poor lonely souls with no repins at all.

They are quite lovely, but so unappreciated.

Some popular pins make a bold color statement 

While others, less pinned, are more subtle

One popular pin has high contrast and a lot of energy

This serene beauty is not so popular

This very popular pin is dark and glamorous

Though these equally dark and dramatic spaces are where I'd rather work

No matter how popular, or not, these beautiful bedrooms inspire me

And as for this one, Suzanne Dimma's gorgeous black slate floor, 

I totally get it why it is so Popular!

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