Friday, November 28, 2014

What I am Pinnning: Black is the new Black

Habitually Chic's latest posting and pins caught my eye with the hash tag #blackfriday. I definitely concur. We accidentally shopped on Black Friday and have steadfastly avoided it since then! Though shopping on Black Friday is off my list, posting and pinning black rooms and other inspirations is on my do list.

This beautiful table setting from Smitten Studio topped my list of pins. I pinned a few things, some in Dining and some in Style, when I realized I needed a new board dedicated to 'Black'. Why not? I have 'Color'. Why not a pin board devoted to the absorption of all light and therefore the absence of color, aka Black.

I found a lot of black cabinets to love.

Pretty soon, I began to notice a bit of a recurrence in my pins. These black pendants are stunning. I am conspiring to test out this DIY:

I have always loved this bowl from Ikea, used for the DIY. Pretty annoyed that it seems not to be available in the US anymore.

Looks like the dish is the only thing available, at least for now.

The gold / brass and black combination is a classic, whether in fashion...

or in furniture...

or interiors.

I found a lot of inspiration pinning on this #BlackFriday. What inspires you?

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Stacy Curran said...

Totally amazing! I love those black kitchens so much

inner_child said...

Thanks Stacy! Black Kitchens are such stunners - Paula